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       Slate - is one of unique in the beauty and longevity by the material, created with nature itself. Stone is very ancient species as our planet. Billions years, under the action of the high parameters of proceeding in the depths of the earth, were conceived the metamorphic rocks, which are characterized by the parallel arrangement of the entering their composition elongated or lamellar minerals, which possess the ability to be cleft to the thin plates.
        Man widely used mountain [parody] and minerals of already hundred thousand years ago. As the durable and difficultly destroyed material. Stone on the level with the metal and the ceramics became the basic source of the transfer in the centuries of creative ideas and intentions of man. As the roofing coating, schist or as it still call, natural slate, it began to be used approximately two thousand years ago.
     But, in spite of so imposing a period, they reached to the present, they were not destroyed, after preserving its protoplastic charm. It is possible very it takes a long time to discuss about the advantages of schist. To give different facts about the waterproofness, frost resistance, grow prettier soundproofing. About the fact that, using schistose tiles as the roofing coating, it is possible to personify into the life, the most daring designer ideas and the projects. But are more convincing than any words, speak not touched by time [Bukingemskiy] palace, Parisian [Luvr], London [Tauer] and still many other architectural monuments of Europe, crowned by schist.
         Our storage always has the following forms of slate: Copper, Deoli Green, Golden , Ocean Green, Silver Grey, Zeera Green, Silver Shine and so forth.
     The models of slate, represented on our site, can differ in the color and the invoice from the original, yes even it is not possible in the photographs, to transmit entire beauty of stone. Therefore, entire detailed information, about the forms of stone and the conditions of acquisition you can learn in the managers of our company. 


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