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        Onyx - in the translation from the Greek "nail", the species of silicate composition, the laminar variety of agate. Its natural beauty, which it is difficult with anything to compare, is the distinguishing feature of this splendid natural stone. The plate of onyx can serve as the finished stained-glass panel, created with nature. Patterns on such plates without the exaggeration can be examined by hours. Another splendid special feature of onyx its property is to pass light. Because of the special orientation in the species of crystals and fibers of calcium carbonate, the onyx is capable to pass light beams at the depth to 50-60 mm., which makes it possible to use it besides the traditional revetment also as the glass. The high translucence of onyx gives special effect to its figure, which acquires depth, stone itself can serve as stained-glass panel without any special incrustation. And if we with the revetment of walls by the onyx between the plates and the basis place luminous source, room will light up by magic glow.  The thickness of the strips, which were formed under the action of changing temperatures, varies from the microns to several millimeters. The more diverse and the thinner than the strip on the surface of stone, the more valuable it is. The tints of light give special attractiveness to onyx and articles cut out from it. Onyxes are sufficiently beautiful, tender according to figure, specularly they are polished.

         The color of onyx varies in the extremely wide limits: from the milk-white to the beige, the brown and the brown-black, from the golden yellow, the pink and the amber to the orange and the red, from the light- to the dark green, from the tender- the blue to the dark-blue.
        Onyx excellently is suitable for finishing of walls and floor, production of the flights of stairs, and the decorative elements of fireplace from this stone, table top for the tank and window-sills will effectively look in any interior. [at greater length]>>
          According to its properties the onyx is unique stone, and its application does not know boundaries. [at greater length]>>

         Our storage in the large volume has the following varieties of onyx: Ice  White,  Bianco , Bianco Brown, Bianco Gold, Cosmos, Cosmos Green, Cross Cut, Dark  Green, Hunza, Jet  Vens, Light Green, Medium Green, Multi Brawn, Multi Green, Pink, Red Green , Smeraldo, Multi Yellow, Multi Red.
         The models of onyx, represented on our site, can differ in the color and the invoice from the original, yes even it is not possible in the photographs, to transmit entire beauty of stone. Therefore, entire detailed information, about the forms of stone and the conditions of acquisition you can learn in the managers of our company.  


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