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        The natural stone of different species (onyxmarblegranite, lazurite and slate) widely is used for the manufacture of decorative and decoration articles. Prepared by the experienced masters of our company on the contemporary equipment, they look like the present works of skill.
       The presence of articles made of the marble, the granite, the onyx in the interior of house or apartment has already long ago become the symbol of prestige and stability. Individual unique appearance, cosiness, refinement and refinement will give articles made of the natural stone to your house.
       Company onyx master [izgotavlivit] for you article made of the onyx, the marble, the granite or the schist. Standard thickness of slabs 20 and 30[mm]. The manufacture of the articles of other thicknesses (nonstandard) made of the available hand materials or made of those delivered under the order within the shortest periods is possible. 

        They enter into the assortment of our production: table top, window-sills, step, fireplaces, bath, washing, shell, toilets, pedestals, flower pots, column, fountains, the revetment of pond, stained-glass panels, barcounters, tables, baluster, peryls, vase, jugs, panel, chandelier, lamps, mosaic and other elements of interior from the natural stone.
      If in you questions arose, you ring on the telephones of those indicated on the site, or use the form of feedback.    WRITE US>>   And our managers will be connected with you in the time convenient for you.

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