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 Production complex on working of the stone

       Company "Onyx Master" has available her own production complex along working of the stone, where it is ready to realize all your rock projects from the economical to the unique both for the organizations and for the physical persons. The highly skilled specialists, within the shortest periods will prepare and will install the articles of any configuration and complexity. We have available our own quarries and production base in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
     Shop is equipped with the newest Italian equipment of high productivity, which makes it possible to prepare the articles of any complexity, and to also achieve an installation of stone in a strict correspondence with any technical task. The large selection of material and the wide spectrum of color range in the stone-, will satisfy even the most exacting tastes. Natural stone: marble, granite, onyx and schist - these are the natural materials, which are characterized by high strength, and at the same time, are elegant addition to your interior.
      Our articles made of the marble, the granite, the onyx and the schist, with the low prices and the high quality of production and installation, will serve you long time due to their natural qualities, density, strength and longevity.