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         Marble - unique natural material, which is known to humanity already several millenia. Marble is one of the most popular materials with the creation of articles made of the natural stone. The value of stone marble is determined by its uncommon structure. Specifically, intricate figures, make each article made of the marble properly unique. The variety of color palette and the high decorative qualities of marble articles make it possible to use marble in the interior practically without the limitations. Articles made of the marble - this and beauty and practicalness and simplicity of working. Rich color gamma, high strength and longevity, strong emotional action on the man, the nonrepeatability of pattern and structure of stone - this is what ensures this wide application of this stone in the architecture and the interior of accomodations. Marble wonderfully is suitable for facing works and decoration.

         In essence, the most common articles made of the marble are: marble window-sills, marble table tops, marble balusters, sculpture from the marble, marble hems, but so the revetment of fireplace from the marble, and this is far from complete list of articles made of the marble. Our production>>
       In our company you will always be able to acquire the following forms of marble: Afghan White, Burma Teek, Bidasar Brown, Bidasar Gold, Bidasar Green, Champaign, Emerald Green, Emerald White, Fossil Beige, Gem Stone, Herat White, Master Crem, Master Gold, Michael Angelo, Rosso Dellicato, Verona, Violet Dark, Violet Light, Wood Teek, Ziarat White, Bianco Sparkle, Bianco Translucent, Verona Beige, Boticina Flower, Boticina Gilo, Sahara Gold, Boticina Turvera, Boticina Fancy, Buner White, Badal, Rosso Light, Verde  Karakuram, Zebra, Black, King Gold.
     The models of marble, represented on our site, can differ in the color and the invoice from the original, yes even it is not possible in the photographs, to transmit entire beauty of stone. Therefore, entire detailed information, about the forms of stone and the conditions of acquisition you can learn in the managers of our company.



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