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       Lazurite - very beautiful natural stone, it otherwise call celestial stone. It is very beautiful and expressive with the sunlight. This is complex according to its structure sulfur-containing sodium alumino silicate and calcium. It still are called Bokharan lazurite, Armenian stone or the stone of sky. Lazurite possesses the strong antipyretic, antiburn, anaesthetizing means. Name lazurite occurred from the Arab word of azul - dark blue.
The chemical composition of the lazurite: 
      Oxide of sodium (Na2O) 16,8%, oxide of calcium (CaO) 8,7%, oxide of aluminum (Al2O3) 27,2%, the dioxide of silicon (SiO2) 31,8%, oxide of sulfur (SO3) 34%, chlorine (Cl) 0,25%.
Physical properties:
- The color: Azure- dark-blue, dark blue
- The luster: Glass, fatty
- The transparency: Opaque
- The feature: Light blue
- The hardness: 5,5, brittle
- The density: 2,38-2,42
- The fracture: Shell-like
- The syngony: Cubic
- The form of the crystals: Crystals are very rare
- The [krisallicheskaya] structure: Simple cubic structure. Chlorine ions are arranged in    angles and to [tsetre] of cube in the tetrahedral the environment of sodium ions
- Symmetry class: Hexatetrahedral
- The cleavage: [Nesovershenna]
- The aggregates: Dense, amorphous
- Behavior in the acids: it is decomposed in HCl with the isolation of hydrogen sulfide
- The associated minerals: Calcite, the pyrites
- The similar minerals: Sodalite, nosean, the hauynite
Special features of the formation: It is formed in the process of contact metamorphism on the contact of the carbonate rocks with the alkaline intrusions.
Layers: [Badakhshan] (Afghanistan), South Transbaykal (Russia), California (USA).
Practical value: [Dikorativnyy] and building.
Therapeutic properties:
       In people medicine there is an opinion that the lazurite is excellent reducing agent of sight. For this it is necessary during several minutes to daily scrutinize into the stone. [Litoterapevty] assume that beads from the lazurite decrease elevated pressure, calm nerves, they help with insomnia. Articles made of the lazurite recommend to bear on the stomach to pregnant women, it protects future mom from the abortions and facilitates the assaults of toxicosis.
Magic properties:
      In other Egypt the lazurite was considered as the godly stone, with the aid of which it is possible to associate with the gods. From it made the special paint, with which they tinctured the clothing of supreme priests, added the mineral crushed into the powder into the medicines and they believed that the lazurite derives poisons from the human organism. In Europe lazurite they read a little as the stone of sincerity, the obtained into the gift adornment with the lazurite it estimated as the true manifestation of friendliness. Specialists assert that this mineral is cleaned negative from aura of its owner, which that accumulated in the course of the life. Mineral helps man in the spiritual development, it reminds it that everything in the world originates godly; therefore it is wonderful and it is worthy love and respect. The owner of lazurite becomes merciful person, capable of personally feeling strange offences and pain. If man will follow the prompts of mineral, he can become real wise man. Europeans are assured in the fact that by having with themselves any adornment from this stone, it is possible to very rapidly personify into the life even the most daring plans and the dreams. This stone will help that, who decided to radically change his life, after beginning all from the beginning.
        As the talisman the lazurite attracts to its owner prosperity, success, success and happy love.
      Lazurite relates to the group of the jewelry- building stones, which possess such signs as: hardness, transparency, painting, luster, the frequency of propagation in nature, longevity. It is used for finishing the salons of beauty, jewelry workshops, [butikov], Halls of hotels, lobby- bars, airports, the buildings of metro and out-of-town houses.