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         Granite (Italian granito, from Lat. granum - grain) - as a rule, magmatic, volcanic rock of stone, rich in silica. Its natural hardness is the main advantage of granite. Outstanding material for the facing of facades, steps and sexes. Wide color range offers to designers the unlimited possibilities. In the majority of species low [stiraemost] and water absorption. Structure is grainy and usually is uniform. Very wide color range. The majority of granites is split well and is heat-treated.
     Massiveness and the density of granite, its wide invoice possibilities (property to assume the mirror finish, with which in the light is manifested the iridescent game of the impregnations of mica; the sculptural expressiveness of the unpolished rough stone, which absorbs light) makes granite with one of the basic materials of monumental sculpture. Granite also is used for preparing of obelisks, columns and as the revetment of different surfaces, it adapts for the revetment of columns, balconies, [lesnits], monuments, furniture and so forth
        The earliest material, elegant and solid, expressive and diverse, massive and eternal, those qualities, which possesses the granite - best material for creating the living environment of man. Your interior can become cold or comfortable- warm, provocative- luxurious or modest, light or dark. Nature created its such unique and diverse that each article, fragment, coated surface were unique.
         Granite - these are the unique species, formed from [ortozita] (white or pink), quartz and mica (black mica and muscovite), sometimes with other additional minerals. Granite is obliged by its hardness to the content of quartz, which can exceed 70%. According to varieties, represents particle more or less small and the color from the white to the gray, the pink and the red, with the characteristically flickering impregnations. With the contemporary conditions for working they cut and grind granite with the aid of the diamond. Furthermore, it is possible to reach its mirror finish. This is the stone, utilized in the building, which others resists [nenastyam], it possesses very high compressive strength (from 800 to 2.200 kg/sq. cm.).
        The models of granite, represented on our site, can differ in the color and the invoice from the original, yes even it is not possible in the photographs, to transmit entire beauty of stone. Therefore, entire detailed information, about the forms of stone and the conditions of acquisition you can learn in the managers of our company.