Природный камень

Special-proposal! Onyx tiles - 7200 rub. /m ². Onyx slabs - 12390 rub. /m ². Kitchen table top - 16250 rub. /[m].[p].  Fireplace - 100 000 rub.

        Natural stone in always valued as the construction and surfacing material, which possesses the exceptional properties: by strength, by longevity, by resistance to the actions of environment, by the nonrepeatability of structure, by the variety of nuances. The number of worshippers of natural stone increases with each year, grows the popularity of articles made of naturally the stone, increasingly more people they desire to live in the environment of entire natural, natural and natural.              
     Natural stone possesses the natural beauty, which can be emphasized by polishing and thread on the stone, and also by use of the directed light in the interior. The use of a natural stone in the interior of apartment or house helps to create exclusive interior. The unique figure of the veins of natural stone, wealth of nuances, variety of natural paints make any interior unique.  The components of interior, made from natural stone, they speak about the luxury of house and the position in the society of its masters.  Here therefore, in spite of the development of technologies, natural stone it was always and remains very claimed with the creation of exclusive interiors


    From the natural stone the following types of articles: [about it]>>

  • Window-sills from the natural stone
  • Kitchen table tops and table top for the tank rooms from the natural stone
  • Bath from the natural stone
  • Stair Steps from the natural stone
  • Counters for the bars and [resepshn] from the natural stone
  • Revetment of floors, walls, stairs by the natural stone
  • Revetment of fireplaces, fountains by decorative components from the natural stone
  • Borders, cornices, sculpture, column from the natural stone
  • Artistic and decorative mosaic from different species of the natural stone
     Certainly, article made of the natural stone, they will cost more than analogs from the man-made materials, but believe the natural stone of this it stands.
At the given moment by our company is achieved sale of the natural stone of several types. In the broad spectrum the onyx is represented; also from us it is possible to purchase marble, granite, lazurite and slate.
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